Space Pirates of the 21st Century

A Walking Tour of Seattle Center, lower Queen Anne and upper Belltown

This tour is a survey of various buildings and spaces around and about the fairgrounds of Seattle Center, each of which has a story to tell. With these stories we seek to understand the social and political dynamics of the city's past and present. Generally, these stories fit within three broad themes:

-- Seattle's transformation, post WWII, from a cultural and political backwater to a glitzy provincial boomtown,

-- The machinations of power in present-day Seattle: graft and political corruption are not just stories of Seattle's seedy past! and

-- The past and present struggles of marginalized peoples against the transgressions of the city's powerful individuals and institutions.

The walk will be debuting soon -- we have to do promotion and smooth some wrinkles. This tour is mostly ready to go, if you wish to arrange a tour and have a group come, please contact chuchitoseco[at]