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I like sounds and many forms of music. Electronic music is a special fascination of mine because it has a wide spectrum of styles and sub-genres; the diversity that can be found within electronic music can appeal to a variety of minds and mindsets. Downtempo and Ambient are my favorite kinds of electronic music. But I also enjoy Goa Trance, World Music, Balkan Brass Music, Polka, Shortwave Radio, sounds of nature, trains, dot matrix printers, and so on...pretty much anything that sounds new and interesting. Mainstream music doesn't cut it for me because I've heard it all before, and it all sounds the same anyway. I have no TV because sounds and other related distractions keep me quite entertained. From time to time, I play DJ sets at parties, coffee shops, and the like. I usually play ambient and downtempo music, and I have been known to incorporate devices such as police scanners and shortwave radio into a set.

I also play the tuba and sousaphone. I formerly played in a band called Titanium Sporkestra. Before that, I played sousaphone in the Husky Marching Band.I have participated in a collective known as Molecular, creating doofs, festivals, and gatherings high in the mountains, deep within the earth, and in the heart of the Emerald City.

Visit the Sounds of zeero_k to download or stream some of my mixes and samples of my sound collection.

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