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I like to explore non-built environments. I enjoy hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, urban biking, snow-shoeing, skiing, and especially backcountry scrambling. Scrambling is something between climbing and hiking, except that neither trails nor climbing gear are used; it is a real test of mountaineering technique, navigation skills, physical endurance, and how much bushwacking one can tolerate. The Alpine Lakes Wilderness, situated in the north-central Cascade Mountains, is a special favorite stomping ground of mine. The latest twist that I have added onto these adventures is getting to the trailhead without a vehicle, using only my bicycle, public transit, or sometimes a decentralized ridesharing system.

I usually take a lot of pictures on my travels, and you can view these all here.
If you don't want to sift through that semi-sorted mass of pictures, follow these links for some of my more recent outdoor trips with good pictures:

Sometimes, I post trip reports to my blog. You can jump to posts that I have categorized into the following:

Here are some useful outdoor links:

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