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Here are some ways that you can contact or interact with me through various internet protocols.


0wen@kehoe.org [Note to Humans: Replace the zero with an "o"]

Above is my personal email address. Email is usually the best way to contact me. I can receive e-mail on my phone, so this is almost as good as a txt message. I intend to keep this email address forever, so this is the only address you'll ever need to put in your address book.

For work-related issues, please refer to the King County employee directory.

~TXT Messaging~

I cheerfully accept SMS/text messages on my phone. You can send me one over the web via this link. However, you will need to know my mobile phone # and enter it in the appropriate field.

I can also receive SMS/pix messages on my phone, but not quite as cheerfully since they cost me $0.25 each. Better to use email for sending photos.

~Instant Messaging~

I sometimes have Instant Messaging (IM) clients running when I am working online at home. However, I have found these to be a distracting time sink, so I don't have them running very often. I have IM accounts with ICQ, AIM, and Google Talk. Google Talk sends the message directly to my phone, so it's a good alternative to SMS/txt.

~Other Social Networking~

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